Hello! I'm Carl

I'm a 16 year old Swedish Boy

Can you help find a wonderful host home for Carl from Sweden?

Carl has been becoming much for studious in his last year and his History, English, Government, Economics and Political Science skils have increased dramatically.  He exercises a lot, with weight training and cardio.

Carl has 2 older sisters, and has lived in the same house all of his life.  When he grew up, his family travelled a lot around Europe because his parents wanted him and his sisters to see various cultures. They have been to most of the countries in the Mediterranean area. They have also visited some of the European capitals. London is one of his favorites, he has been there five times.

If you would love to learn a little bit about Sweden, have a new experience and give Carl the opportunity to study in America for the upcoming year, PM or email mollie@stsfoundation.org. Thank you and have a fantastic day! (feel free to share this post) #STSFEXPERIENCE

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STS Foundation is a Department of State sponsored high school exchange program. We are proud to offer American families the opportunity to become citizen diplomats by welcoming an international high school student into their home. By living as a family member the student learns about the American way of life and host families also experience a new culture.

How To Become a Host Family

✔️Host must be 25 years or older
✔️Pass a background check
✔️Provide food for 3 meals a day
✔️Ensure reliable transportation to and from school
✔️A bed for your student
✔️A safe and loving home
✔️Students come w/their own spending money & insurance

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