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This year we will be communicating about events through Team App.  It is SUPER important that all STUDENTS, HOST FAMILIES, MENTORS and STAFF download this app.  Then click on “Find a Team App”. Search for AZSTSF. You will need to create a log in and then save this team on your profile.  


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Meet Our Students

All of these students are needing placement in homes, if you can help please contact Mollie@stsfoundation.com 



Elin loves music:  singing and playing the piano, She has also been studying dance since age 2.  Elin loves Asian food and snowboarding, she lives with her parents, an older sister, and a younger brother.  She lived in America when was in the 3rd grade (due to her...



Veronica is passionate about rythmic gymnastics (she practices 3 times a week) and she even coaches!  She is an only child but would LOVE siblings around her own age.  Her dream job is to become an interpreter for the UN in New York.  She speaks Spanish and French!If...



Ronja is from Finland and has 2 dogs.  Her mom owns a kennel and has 17 dogs, and 7 cats!  She lives with her Mom, Dad and 15 year old brother.  She LOVES animals, and her favorite is a Panda!  She likes to play video games, and watching Korean drama.  Ronja is...

Our Upcoming Trips

The Arizona STS Foundation occasionally organizes trips.  Here are a few places that we are going to this year!

Slide Rock


Arizona Packing List

1. Don’t Over Pack!

The Number 1 Mistake is over packing

2. Remember we have stores here!

There are stores here to get everything from Toiletries to Souvenirs, and what a wonderful way to spend time with your host family!

3. We have created a list!

Click below to download a list of the things you’ll need to begin your new adventure here in Arizona!

End Of Year Checklist

1. Organize!

Begin by separating out what’s trash, what’s pack, and what’s donate!  Don’t forget to write thank you notes for family, friends, and teachers! 

2. Two weeks before departure

Pack a large suitcase of things you don’t need right now, but remember; There’s a 50 lbs weight limit.  Don’t forget to ship out what you can to your home country.

3. One Week Before Leaving

Shop for your final souvenirs, get your transcripts from school and don’t forget to close out your USA Bank account!

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